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Move confidently

Designed for stability

Each year over 47,000 older Americans are sent to an emergency room due to a fall from a walker or a cane. One-third of them are hospitalized. Over 87% of these injuries are from using walkers.1

The Zeen is designed with guidance from physical therapists for superior stability. Walkers and rollators force you to lean forward to remain stable with most of your weight behind the device – and studies2 show that often the back legs of the walker collide with your feet when you are forced to quickly side-step to try to regain your balance.

In the Zeen, your center of gravity is centered in the middle of the device (just like a chair) – not behind or in front of the wheels. So even if you mis-step and lose your balance, you are already seated in the most stable position with a seat belt firmly holding the Zeen in place beneath you.

“The only other device I’ve seen give full body weight support for ambulation was a sling and harness over a treadmill... I’ve seen this product change how patients live their lives.”

Petra Rose (Licensed Physical Therapist)

1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19555423/
2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15196524/

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Active without fatigue

Go further and stay longer without getting tired

When you use a rollator or cane, you are always trying to make it to the next bench to rest. And if you use a motorized wheelchair or scooter to go further, you’re not getting any exercise – which means you are losing bone density and reducing cardiovascular health.

The Zeen was designed with the help of physical therapists to keep you fully supported while also keeping you active. With full – or partial – weight support on the riding saddle, your own legs propel you while the Zeen stabilizes you and carries your weight. This allows you the freedom to go further, go faster and put as much or as little exercise into your outing as you like – without needing to find a seat or give your wrists and arms a rest.

“I am happily going places that I wouldn’t go before. People are even telling me that my mood has lifted.”

Jeff A. (Zeen user with Spinal Degeneration)

Mobility that conforms to your movements

Made to enable – not limit – how you want to move

If you’ve ever stayed home when you wanted to go watch the grandkids play, or wished you could stay in the conversation when everyone else was standing at a party – or even just wanted to be seated at a restaurant without causing everyone to rearrange the furniture for you, the Zeen was made for you.

The Zeen was designed for those who don’t want their mobility device to limit what they do. With full weight support, you can lift and lower from standing to seated position and back again instantly. And because your weight is supported from beneath, your hands are free to carry your own plate, drink or dog leash without any assistance. When it’s time to sit at the table, you can fold the front arms and take a seat without any help from anyone – and with nothing in your way.

And now with our patent-pending trunk lift straps (compatible with almost all cars sold after 2003), getting the folded Zeen in and out of the car is simple and hassle-free.

Don’t let your mobility device limit you – the Zeen is made so you can continue going on adventures and doing the things you love.

“It’s a better way of life for me... I’m doing things I haven’t done in years.”

Joe D. (Zeen user with Multiple Sclerosis)

Take the Zeen with you

Introducing Zeen Trunk Lift Straps

Reduces lift and lower weight by half and slides in and out of trunks easily with no pinched fingers. Compatible with any* 2003 and later car trunk, hatchback or SUVs.

Coming soon

* All automobiles sold within the U.S. model year 2003 or later are required to include the LATCH system. Cars sold outside the U.S. or before 2003 may or may not be compatible.

Complete list of features and specifications

Stability & Safety

Stable wheel base & gravity center

Front and rear wheels are positioned optimally around the saddle and user center of mass, providing stability in all modes: seated, standing and bar-stool.

Strong, Durable & Lightweight Frame

Strong and lightweight 6061 heat-treated bicycle grade powder-coated aluminum frame. The same material used for premium bicycles.

Low-force hand brakes

Dual cable driven hand brakes are accessible at all heights and require minimum input force to slow or stop (one-handed brake option available for those who do not have use of both hands for braking).

Wheel-brake locks & foot-rests

Wheel-brake locks for stability while seated, standing or barstool height. Integrated footrests to comfortably rest at ‘barstool’ height.

Retractable tension seat belt

Single-clasp retractable tension seat belt helps keep it in ideal position whether seated or standing with a simple operation. Spring camlock allows rapid tighten/loosten adjustment and magnetic clasps keep buckles right where you can find them.

Memory foam seat with safety prow

Molded 2-layer memory foam saddle with safety prow to comfortably support weight without inhibiting movement. Upholstery is UV-resistant waterproof vinyl for simple maintenance.

Adaptability & Movement

Lift assist for sit-to-stand

Silent gas spring powered lift assist provides instant up/down functionality with no batteries or motors. Adjustable for full or partial weight lift assist. Made with all-weather polymer bushings for maximum durability.

Manueverable 360 degree patented castors

360 degree rotation allows maximum maneuverability in tight spaces while patented dual-state rear castors provide control in forward motion and maneuverability for sudden lateral or reverse movement. Rear wheel swivel locks can be activated without assistance for better control on uneven surfaces or when pushed in wheelchair mode.

Conforming mesh back rest with push handles

Reinforced mesh shell conforms to body shape with excellent back support when seated. Back rest includes integrated push handles for optional wheelchair mode assistance.

Maintenance-free or optional outdoor wheels

Maintenance-free all-weather foam polyurethane wheels (standard - for indoor or smooth pavement) Optional air-filled reinforced nylon tires (for outdoor use on bumps, uneven paved surfaces)

Retractable handlebars

Bicycle-grade aluminum handlebars with ergonomically molded grips provide support and are retractable for hands-free use at counters, tables, or as desired.


14-Day in-home trial

Upon purchase of your Zeen, you have 14 days after arrival to see if it’s right for you. It’s a little like riding a bicycle in that it takes some practice to get used to it. The best way to see if it makes sense for your life is to try it. We are here to support you - don't hesitate to call with questions! Return your Zeen any time during your 14-day trial for a refund of the device (excluding original shipment cost). Certain restrictions apply. Contact us for details.


Your Zeen comes with a limited warranty on certain components. Contact us for details.

Rear storage bag

Includes one premium two-compartment rear bag made of ballistic ripstop nylon, designed to fold when Zeen is folded. Fits one small oxygen concentrator or a jacket.

In-factory or remote video 1:1 setup

Your Zeen will come with a product manual and unboxing guide to accompany online videos and help get you started. Upon purchase, you can select to schedule a virtual training session with our team or visit our factory for an in-person orientation.

Customer support

Zeen customers can talk to a live person via phone, video call, email or live chat to get answers to their questions. Additionally, the GoZeen.com website has an ever-growing library of short video tutorials that explain all of the ways you can use your Zeen, adjust it and take care of it.

Compare the Zeen with other mobility products

ZeenRollatorWalkerWheelchairElectric Wheelchair
Lifts and lowers full body weight (sit-to-stand)
Body weight support while movingfull or partialpartialpartialfull full

No front obstructions (able to sit at table or stand at counter in device)


Brake lock


Cargo bag / basket

User remains active (user powers device and supports all or part of body weight)

Hands-free usage while mobile

Monthly payment plan available

In-home trial

Personalized setup & adjustment (in-home or video call)

2 year limited warranty (details)



L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 36.8” (Seated Mode)

L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 51.3” (Maximum Standing Height)

Width of Seat/Distance between Armrests W: 21"

Folded Dimensions:

L: 33.5” x W: 11.0” x Height: 38”


Doorways - minimum 27”
Turning radius (space needed to rotate in small spaces such as kitchens) - 45”


~40 lbs (Recommend Trunk Lift Straps for car loading - effectively reduces lifting weight by 50%)

Is the Zeen Right for You?

The Zeen has already changed the day-to-day life of many people... but it’s not right for everyone.

Please read this section carefully to see if the Zeen could be a good fit for you. And feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to discuss your particular mobility challenges.

User Requirements

Body Weight from 100 lbs to 250 lbs (46kg to 113kg)

Height from 4’11” to 6’4” (150cm to 193cm)

Bi-lateral Hand Strength—to squeeze Seat-Height and Brake levers. Optional One-Handed version upon request for an additional charge.

Ability to learn and retain new information to successfully use all Zeen mechanisms

Standing/Walking ability—able to stand and walk with or without assistance/ device

Environmental Recommendations

Interior Requirements:

Primary use on Single-Level Living Space

Minimal clearance of 27” – around furniture, through doorways

Hard Flooring Surfaces or low-pile carpet preferred

45” turning circle diameter required between kitchen counters and in hallways

Maximum of one 6” tall step

Exterior Recommendations

Paved Exterior Pathways are ideal—fine, packed gravel may be manageable

Awareness and Caution encountering curbs, bumps, lintels, stones, gravel, etc.

Coasting/Zeening Speed regulated by conditions, obstacles and physical ability

Your legs and feet control the Zeen; at no time should you be “riding” down a hill without feet on the ground for safe navigation

Use caution when coasting, taking close note of possible hazards and pedestrians

Transition from coasting to walking for hills and traversing side slopes


Customers stories

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