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Funding Your Zeen
Buying a Zeen

The standard Zeen costs $3980 and the one-handed version costs $4460. This webpage will showcase a few different methods to help afford your Zeen.

If you fill out the form below, we will send an official quote that you may use when pursuing alternative funding. This form will not change the price of the Zeen - only give official documentation.

Common Zeen Financing Questions
Is the Zeen reimbursable by Medicare/Medicaid?

No - the Zeen is not currently reimbursable.

Can I use my insurance to pay for the Zeen?

The Zeen is not coded with CMS, and therefore insurance coverage will be dependent on individual insurance providers.

Where is the Zeen sold?

Currently, the Zeen is only for sale within the United States. We ship direct from our new factory in West Chester, PA, and from a growing list of dealers.

Is there a warranty for the Zeen?

There is a 2 year warranty on all structural metal components and a 6 month warranty guaranteeing no manufacturing defects of any non-structural component on the Zeen.

See our Warranty Policy for more information

How do I return my Zeen?

Within the 14 day trial, customers can contact Exokinetics to initiate the return process. The Zeen must be returned in its original packaging. There is a $250 fee to replace your box, so please keep your box until at least the conclusion of your trial. The box can be useful if ever shipping your Zeen.

After the conclusion of the trial, we are not able to accept returns.

See our Return & Refund Policy for more information

How else can I pay for my Zeen?

The Zeen is eligible to be paid for using HSA or FSA funds. We're working to amass resources for crowdfunding, government funding, and grants to help fund your Zeen! See below for more details:

Grant Funding

There are publically available grants to help people afford the resources they need. One example that Zeen customers have utilized is called Ceridian Cares, linked below. This is not guaranteed funding, and requires an application process. Please contact us to learn about other options or to share resources with us.

Crowdfunding / Personal Savings

Help Hope Live is a site dedicated to medical fundraising. Operating as a nonprofit, all funding through the site operate as charitable donations for tax purposes.

PA ABLE is a Pennsylvania resident-specific example of a savings account that can be used to collect funds for a Zeen without losing SSI because of an asset limit. There may be a similar program in your state.

Assistive Technology Funds

Many states offer local alternative financing programs for assistive technology. This will differ state by state. Below, there are two links. The first is a list offered by the National Disability Institute of AT programs in many states. The second is a list from the National Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training (AT3) Center. These state provided options may offer lower interest loans than other alternatives.

Installment Payments

When checking out through our online store, there will be an option to split the cost of the Zeen across several payments. This is credit-based and not controlled by Zeen. If the lump sum cost of the Zeen is too much at once, this may be a good option.

See the image below for more information:

PayPal Monthly Payments

* Interest rates and pre-payment requirements are credit based and not controlled by Zeen.

ShopPay Monthly Installments

* ShopPay requires the use of a debit card for monthly payments

* Interest rates and pre-payment requirements are credit based and not controlled by Zeen.