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Quick overview of how to use the ZEEN

ZEEN Trunk Loading

ZEEN Seat Lift

ZEEN Handlebar Pivot

ZEEN Folding

ZEEN Braking

ZEEN Turning

ZEEN Unfolding

ZEEN Seat Belt Tips

Adjusting the Zeen

ZEEN Lift Adjustment

ZEEN Tire Inflation

ZEEN Seat Max Height Adjustment

Zeen Safety

ZEEN Safety Overview

Daily Use tips

ZEEN Indoors Rear Casters

ZEEN Outdoors Rear Casters

ZEEN Caster Pro Trick

ZEEN Up Down Stair Tips

ZEEN Uphill Downhill Tips

Around The House

ZEEN Kitchen Use

ZEEN Restroom Use

ZEEN Barstool Mode

ZEEN Tying Your Shoes

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Want to try a Zeen? We’ll be in Southern California in September and October!

The best way to know if the Zeen is right for you is to try one out. We’ll be in the Southern California area from September 1 through November 30 and you’re invited. To see our demo events schedule check back here – or sign up for our email newsletter. If you live somewhere else and want to know when we’ll be in your area, sign up and stay in the know!

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