Getting Started


1_b_First Steps

Zeen Feature Instructions

2_Handlebar Control

3_Brake Activation

4_Raising and Lowering the Seat

5_Seat Belt Use Tips

6_Zeen Safety Overview


9_Caster-Lock Indoor

10_Caster-Lock Outdoor

11_Barstool Mode



Zeen Adjustments

14_a_Maximum Seat Height Adjustment

14_c_Lift Setting Adjustment

14_b_Stand-Over Height Measurement

Everyday Use

15_a_Start Moving Tip

15_b_Up/Down Curb or Single Step

15_b_Up/Down Curb or Single Step

15_d_Caster-Lock Disengagement Trick

15_f_Getting a Push

15_h_Restroom Use


15_e_Side Slope Operation Tips

15_g_Kitchen Use

15_i_Tying Shoes


16_a_Trunk Lift Straps

17_a_Tire Inflation

16_b_Shipping Pins

17_b_Brake Adjustment

Frequently asked questions

Customer stories

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