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The Zeen
The Zeen
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The Zeen

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Experience more of the things in life that give you joy. The Zeen can help you get up and about safely – and keep you active. Every Zeen comes standard with never-flat tires.


Do you need a one-handed unit? The standard production unit requires strength and dexterity in both hands. If you are limited to use of a single hand, please select that option. The one-handed control accessibility feature costs an additional $500.


Gas Spring Options: We have a LIMITED inventory of lighter gas springs that can be appropriate for users weighing between 50-100 pounds. There is only one size frame, but it can often still prove useful and the Zeen can adjust to a growing user.


*discounts available for veterans and first responders

Interested In payment plans? Monthly financing available through ShopPay

*debit card required for financing

Let's make sure Zeen is a good fit!
Please ensure that the Zeen user weighs between 50-250 pounds (23-113 kg) and that their stand-over height measures between 22"-36" (61-89 cm). Please check all user inclusion criteria and environmental recommendations before ordering. Contact us with any questions!

What is your stand-over height (in inches)?

If your stand-over height is under 22 inches or over 36 inches, please contact us.

What is your weight (in pounds)?

If your weight is under 50 pounds or over 250 pounds, please contact us.

Please select the Light Gas Spring variant from the dropdown above.

All measurements must be valid to add the Zeen to your cart. The Zeen is customized to your order and may take up to four weeks to ship.

*Orders only ship within the United States

User Requirements

- Body weight from 100 lbs to 250 lbs (46kg to 113kg). Option for Light Gas Springs available in limited supply for users weighing between 50 and 100 pounds.

- Stand-over height from 22"-36" (61-89 cm) -- not same as pant inseam

- Bi-lateral hand strength—to squeeze seat release and brake levers. Optional one-handed version upon request for an additional charge

- Ability to learn and retain new information to successfully use all Zeen mechanisms

- Standing/Walking ability—able to stand and walk with or without assistance / device

Environmental Recommendations

- Primary use on single-level living space

- Minimal clearance of 27” – around furniture, through doorways

- Hard flooring surfaces or low-pile carpet preferred

- 45” turning circle diameter required between kitchen counters and in hallways

- Maximum of one 6” tall step

- Paved exterior pathways are ideal—fine, packed gravel may be manageable

Try the Zeen at home for a 14-Day Trial (Limited Time Only)


Seated Mode - L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 36.8”

Maximum Standing Height - L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 51.3”

Folded - L: 33.5” x W: 11.0” x Height: 38”

Standard Seated Position: 20.5"

Weight: ~42 pounds


Doorways - minimum 27”

Turning diameter (space needed to rotate in small spaces such as kitchens) - 45”

Width of Seat/Distance between Armrests - 21"

Want to try a Zeen? Schedule a demo. 

The best way to know if the Zeen is right for you is to try one out. In-person Zeen demos are available at our factory in West Chester, PA (by appointment only). To see our demo events schedule check back here – or sign up for our e-mail newsletter!