Warranty Policy

Exokinetics proudly manufactures the Zeen with a commitment to high quality construction and excellent customer support. Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you understand and enjoy your Zeen. This commitment is represented in our Zeen warranty, as detailed below:

The Zeen frame and structural metal components are warrantied for a 2-year period, starting on the date we ship the device to you. We guarantee against structural deformities or manufacturing defects under normal use during this time-period.

All non-structural parts will be covered under normal use for a period of 6 months from the date we ship the Zeen out of our factory, including: tires, brakes, cables, springs, seat, backrest, and plastic components.

Our warranty does not cover negligence, abuse, misuse, non-factory modifications or use of the Zeen other than in accordance with our written and video instructions.

The warranty is only valid if your Zeen is registered with Exokinetics within 30 days from date of receipt.

Please fill out and return the Zeen product registration card provided immediately upon receiving product.

This warranty is non-transferable and only valid for the original purchaser, or gift recipient who receives a Zeen promptly after original purchase.

The warranty excludes damage to the Zeen (or parts thereof) as a result of:

1) Faulty adjustments.
2) Damage resulting from failure to replace parts subject to wear.
3) UV and environmental influences such as normal weathering of paint, or
other components.
4) Improper use, use inconsistent with our written and video instructions, or negligence.

Warranty on component details: Exokinetics will determine, using reasonable judgement, whether defects are due to material or manufacturing defects during the warranty period and will repair, replace, or reimburse qualifying defects at its sole discretion.

If during a repair or return, Exokinetics requests components or a Zeen unit to be returned, Exokinetics will provide a Return Authorization number for the return shipment.

Transportation costs for all eligible repairs and replacements under this warranty will be covered by Exokinetics. Shipping methods will be determined solely by Exokinetics.

If a particular component is eligible for warranty, and the original part is no longer available, Exokinetics will provide the closest available alternative.

Please report all warranty claims to Exokinetics. Please contact our customer service team during normal business hours:

• Call 1-833-FOR-ZEEN (1-833-367-9336) Monday through Friday 8 AM–5 PM EST.
If we are closed, you can leave a message, and someone will respond as soon
as possible.
• Email us at support@gozeen.com

Return & Refund Policy

The Zeen is a device unlike any other on the market. We know that the Zeen will let many people facing mobility limitations do more for longer and increase their enjoyment of life. But like a new bicycle or an unfamiliar exercise machine, it will take some time for you to feel completely comfortable and natural with the Zeen. We humbly ask that new Zeen customers take at least two weeks of regular use to learn and become accustomed to the Zeen. During that time, you should watch our tutorial videos that explain how to adjust the Zeen and how to use it in different situations and environments. If you still have questions or any concerns, reach out to us. We are available to you to make the experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

If within the initial 14 days of receiving the Zeen and after your orientation process, you are not fully satisfied with the product, you may return the Zeen to us for a refund (excluding a $200 restocking fee) by following the steps described here.

Process for Returns

1. Contact customer service at 1-833-FOR-ZEEN (1-833-367-9336) or support@gozeen.com. If you meet the requirements, we will give you a Return Authorization number (RA number) and send written instructions for returning the Zeen. Please note that returns must be authorized by Exokinetics and assigned an RA number before shipping the product. Returned Zeens that do not have an associated RA number will not be accepted.

2. Please keep your original packaging during this 14-day evaluation period, as the Zeen MUST be returned in its original packaging. If the primary packaging is not available, please request new packaging to be sent to you, which may involve an additional fee.

3. The Zeen must be in "like new" condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear under normal conditions during the 14-day trial period.

4. Exokinetics will send a prepaid shipping label for the Zeen return with the provided RA number. Please attach this label to the packaging and schedule your box pickup for return shipment/or deliver the box directly to the shipping vendor selected by Exokinetics.

5. Upon receipt of the returned Zeen, the Exokinetics team will assess the Zeen for damage. If your Zeen is damaged, either during use or shipment, your refund may be reduced accordingly. Our team will notify you once the product is received and fully inspected for refund details. Please expect the refund to take 4–6 weeks for completion.

Exokinetics will extend the return period for your Zeen to 30 days from receipt if:

The Zeen being returned is in unopened condition inside the original shipping box.A manufacturing defect exists and is confirmed by Exokinetics customer service.No Zeen replacement parts are available to bring the Zeen to working condition.

We hope you enjoy your Zeen! If there is any help you need with the product, please review our library of training videos or reach out to us at any time.

You may contact customer service in any of the following ways:

• Call 1-833-FOR-ZEEN (1-833-367-9336) Monday through Friday 8 AM–5 PM EST. If we are closed, you can leave a message, and someone will respond as soon as possible.

• Email us at support@gozeen.com

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